Q: How do I contact Live Rock And Metal CDs ?
A: We take great pride in offering one of the best and most personalised services online . You can email us ANYTIME at : info@liverockandmetalcds.com
or call us on the phone number on our Home page ( available UK hours 8am to 6pm weekdays )

Q: Do you Ship Internationally ?
A: YES . We will ship to almost anywhere in the world ( with some exceptions ) . Click Herefor further details .

Q: What is your Returns Policy ?
Because of the ease of copying of CD / DVD media we can only offer a no quible Replacement or Refund if your purchase is damaged or defective .
For further details see Click Here

Q: What payment methods do you accept ?
A: Currently we accept Pay Pal ( most major Credit / Debit Cards including Visa and Matercard ) and Bank Transfers ( Domestic or International ) .
We will be integrating Barclays EPDQ later this year which accepts Visa and Mastercard too .
Our site is secure using an SSL Certificate and all electronic payments are PCI Compliant for your peace of mind .

Q: How often do you have Sales / Promotions ?
A: As well as our traditional Summer and Winter Sales we will run regular Flash Sales throughout the year and Subscribers to our Newletter will receive
Coupon code promotions from time to time .

Q: What does NTSC and PAL Format mean with regard to DVDs and Blu Ray sets ?
A: NTSC and PAL are two different types of encoding for video formats . NTSC encoded discs are playable on almost every USA and International DVD / Blu Ray machines
while PAL encoded discs are native mostly to the UK and Europe .
A lot of modern DVD / Blu Ray machines are able to play both regardless of which country you live in ( ie USA ) so please consult with YOUR machines
manual or look up online information for the relevant machine / device .
Please make sure that your DVD / Blu Ray machine is capable of handling the encoding fornat of the DVD / Blu Ray set you wish to purchase .

This also applies to DVD / Blu Ray discs that may form part of a Multi Disc combo set ie> CD / DVD or CD / Blu Ray .

Q: What is an Audience sourced CD recording ?
A: It is an Amateur recording ( fan produced ) which is recorded by audience members . The majority of our Audience recording sourced CD sets are
Very Good to Excellent quality sound wise .

Q: What is a Soundboard sourced CD recording ?
A: It is a Professional recording ( usually direct from the mixing desk / soundboard ) . These are generally the best sounding sets and akin to
the official live sets sound wise , that would be released by bands . Most times they come from FM Brodcast tapes / reels as well .

Q: What is an Audience sourced DVD recording ?
A: It is an Amateur recording ( fan produced ) taped from within the audience . These can be Single Cam ( Camera ) or even Multi Cam shot .
Modern day audience recordings are generally of very good sound and video quality .

Q: What is a Pro Shot / Broadcast sourced DVD recording ?
A: It is a Professional recording ( Multi Cam ) . Pro shot DVDs are usually of the highest quality ( especially if filmed / released in the mid to
late 80’s to current day . Pre 1980’s recordings tend to be of more variable quality but still good to very good .
More often than not Pro Shot recordings are / were sourced from Broadcast feeds for TV or in-house venue Video screens.

Q: I am not able to play a DVD / Blu Ray Disc/s I purchased . What can I do to solve the problem ?
A: First of all we need to make sure it’s a disc problem and NOT a ‘format’ problem .
Please try the Disc in an alternate machine / PC drive to see if you can get it to play satisfactorily .
If it is clear the Disc is faulty then follow the Reurns Policy instructions Click Here: to return the complete set ( Case / Discs etc ) to us
for a Replacement if that will be possible or a Refund if not .

IF the disc does play satisfactorily in a PC Drive it’s possible you MAY have ordered the wrong ‘format’ .
By checking the encoding ‘format’ in the products Additional Information section and the ability of your machine / player to play that format
correctly then we can limit the amount of Orders that need to be returned and ensure your customer satisfaction / experience .