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Premium CD Box sets from Iron Maiden , Bruce Springsteen , Kiss and David Bowie in stock now . Reviews and links

Welcome to Blog post number 2 where we focus on 4 Deluxe Limited Edition Box sets now listed in the Store .

Our Video review of these ( as well as Led Zeppelin’s That’s The Way – The 1970 Concerts ) is now online on our You Tube channel CLICK HERE . We will post regular video ‘reviews’ like this one both on You Tube and Facebook . These will focus on Premium Box sets and Limited Numbered Pressed Silver sets . You can also expect to see videos on DVD sets from Digipack sets to nice Clam Shell releases too .

Without taking too much of your reading and viewing time we will aim to be fairly short , sweet and to the point with our reviews . You can read more detailed reviews and feast your eyes on beautiful Artwork pictures by pointing your browser to : Click Here Collectors Music Reviews . These guys have been the No 1 authority in both CD and DVD bootleg reviews for a very long time . They are known as the ‘Standard In Live Release Analysis’ for very good reason and we bow down to them in reverance .


Bruce Springsteen The Boston Godfather: The Definitive Boston March 1977 Tapes (Godfatherecords G.R. Box 17)

This set collects all the shows into one set and like all Godfather sets puts them all into the most gorgeous packaging .

The box front and the front covers of the tri-fold sleeves of each concert set feature posed black-and-white photos of Springsteen . The four front covers also appear in miniature on the rear of the box, together with the track listings. The individual sets and booklets feature appropriate onstage shots, some of which will be familiar from the no label sets.

The booklet contains extensive notes charting the most difficult years of Bruce Springsteens entire career, These fantastic Boston shows are an essential acquisition for Springsteen collectors.

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David Bowie Like A Regular Superstar: Live On Stage From 1976 to 1987 (Magic Bus MB-03)

This box spans a large period of time in Bowie live performances and gives an accurate portrayal of the artists Changes. The packaging is a long box and boasts 4 complete concerts that were not previously available on CD . Each concert is housed in mini LP style covers and each set also features bonus tracks.

The 36 page booklet features detailed information on each tour and is packed with a plethora of pictures and there are two promo postcards thrown in too .
Both the music and the packaging makes this a very appealing set to every Bowie fan .

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Iron Maiden The Decade Of The Beast British Metal Onslaught Vol. 2: The Final Chapter (The Godfather Box G.R. Box 19)


This set covers the decade of the 1980s, long held out to be their most fruitful .

It features three full concerts in stunning sound quality each housed in its own gatefold sleeve and three tour book reproductions plus a 12 page booklet complete with liner notes and UK tour dates for each of the tours represented. An amazing package which is as much of a pleasure to look at as it is to listen to.

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Kiss You Are The Best Because I Say So! (The Godfather Box G.R. BOX 26)

With a theme that is a homage to The Dutch KISS Army, an organization of hard core KISS fans who organized the first fan club for the band outside of the United States back in 1976. This is an absolute stunner of a box from Godfather .

The 24 page booklet that gives an excellent historical overview of TDKA. , and certainly confirms their passion for this band and their music.

There are six discs presneted in three gatefold sleeves all adorned with period correct photographs. The booklet also featureslots of old newspaper clippings, handbills and the like.

We get five concerts that we at Live Rock And Metal have never heard before and a bonus in the form of extras on Disc D . This set is one of our favourites with top notch performances
with the mastering of the tapes being excellent even though the sources are good at best .

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