Memory Stick Archive – Option 1

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This option is for 5 CD ( Pressed or White Label ) sets of your choice archived on a memory stick .

Sets that can be archived on this stick are any that are marked as YES to Digital archive on Additional details tab of individual CD sets in store.

Memory stick shown just for illustrative purposes you will get a Stick of either 4 or 8 GB capacity depending on supplier availability .

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2 reviews for Memory Stick Archive – Option 1

  1. Steve B

    Brilliant idea these Digital Archives .

    5 CD sets of my choice , MP3 files and Artwork and fast delivery again for a cracking price .


  2. Mick (verified owner)

    Great way to expand your music archive How many times have you ripped a cd put it away then never played it again ? I do it a lot with Live boots So what a bargain this is 5 CD sets of your choice , MP3 files and Artwork for the price of 1 physical purchase Highly recommended

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