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Welcome to our very first Blog post . Live Rock And Metal CDs is finally Online !!


It’s been over a year in the making ( the site not the blog ) but we are happy to say it’s finally launch day , we are live and online and welcome to our very first Blog post .
This is the first of what we aim to be regular postings which will cover announcements , reviews and product showcases of both CD and DVD sets across a very wide range
of bands across both the Rock and Metal genres .

We have a schedule planned that will see us listing anything up to 500 titles online over the next 3 to 6 months and we will give it our best shot to make that happen . In time expect many many more . These will be the best the Japanese / Asian and European labels have to offer in both Pressed Silver and Pro-R sets across a whole range of labels and ‘No Label’ releases ( coming from the Korean and Japanese market ).


You will be pleased to hear that we have both a You Tube channel and an Instagram page online now too . This will of mean lots of Video and Photo updates featuring the majority of our stock that is current and as they arrive at Live Rock And Metal HQ . Our Facebook page will be going live very soon too and that will be chock full of announcements and product photos and showcases too .

Links to our Social channels can be found on every website page ( bar the Home page ) .

You will also find our Sign Up form on these pages make sure to sign up . It’s the easiest way to stay in the loop with all that’s Live Rock And Metal not to mention that we will be giving away 1 Pro-R White Label DVD for FREE every week to a lucky subscriber chosen at random from our list .


We have some very special friends who are as hardcore Rock and Metal heads as us and they have agreed to do Bootleg reviews from time to time in their own inimitable style for us.
These will be in the form of videos and you can expect much craziness and high jinks that will entertain you ( we hope ) along with anecdotes and stories of decades of going
to shows and gigs from as bands as diverse as Bon Jovi and Motorhead to Slipknot and Slayer and beyond !
We will let you know when the ‘Bootleg Boyz’ go live checking them out is a must .

Right with that we will love you and leave you and welcome you to our Store anytime regardless of whether you intend to shop or just browse .

Our Online Store Is Live !!